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5 Things You Must Know Before Choosing a Commercial Construction Company

Commercial construction companies take on a wide variety of projects, including everything from shell buildings and tenant build-outs to new constructions and renovations. Common commercial construction projects include office buildings, medical centers, corporate headquarters, hotels, restaurants and retail centers. 

Different contractors bring various levels of knowledge and expertise to such projects. Therefore, it is always incumbent upon the prospective client to perform due diligence to choose the construction company that engages in industry best practices. You’ll also want to discern who has what it takes to complete the project on time and on budget. 

Finding a Commercial Construction Company

The search for a reputable, knowledgeable and capable construction company may seem like a daunting task. There are numerous options to choose from. The membership roles of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGCA) include more than 26,000 firms.

From design through construction, many competing factors come into play. Aesthetics, quality of materials, the integrity of workmanship and code compliance are among these important factors to consider. Successful contractors must wear many hats as project parameters often vary. A commercial construction company may be responsible for overseeing some or all of the following:

  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Acquiring materials
  • Subcontracting work
  • Adhering to codes and regulations

You’ll always hear about the importance of communication between all project stakeholders because client communication is paramount. When the time comes to choose a commercial construction company, it is vital to determine who will turn words into action. What company will foster an environment in which all the parties effectively communicate? That’s the question, and that’s what’s vital from a project’s inception to its completion.

As a project unfolds, many forms of communication will be needed. For example, there might be daily, weekly or monthly meetings. Stakeholders may meet in person, or they may communicate via phone, text and/or email. Ideally, both the style and frequency of communication should speak to the client’s needs and wants.

5 Key Considerations When Selecting a Commerical Construction Company

To get on the right track and remain there, it’s important to focus on these key assertions. 

A construction company does not have to be large to be good.

New Jersey construction projects come in every size and shape. In the search for a commercial construction company that’s a good fit, it’s important to understand that bigger is not always better. Yes, it’s important to have a contractor with sufficient capabilities and expertise. However, for most projects, it’s also important to work with industry pros with a “hands-on” approach. Personal attention to project needs is crucial to success. Trusted partnerships among seasoned professionals breed success. Personal treatment delivers important peace-of-mind.

The right price is better than the lowest price.

Project stakeholders understand that the lowest price is usually not the best price. The “right” price is the reasonable one that delivers real value. A reasonable price balances cost and performance. In the construction business, key metrics measure performance. Timeliness, quality, safety and code-compliance are all important.

There are both industry leaders and followers.

You must determine whether a firm is an industry leader or a follower. Experience is crucial, but so is a willingness to change. In the digital age, a company must adapt or fail. The efficiencies of BIM, big data and online procurement are not to be overlooked. They help contractors cope with the increasing complexity of modern projects. New ways of doing things are always in the offing. Under-investment in technology spells doom. In modern commercial construction, innovation must be a way of life. 

Absentee ownership and lack of oversight are behind construction company failures.

Construction companies sometimes fail. The #1 reason for this is lack of oversight due to absentee ownership. There’s a cascading effect as a lack of oversight leads to failed projects. By contrast, successful firms identify core competencies and adhere to them. They develop strategic business plans that define attainable objectives. An awareness of such objectives permeates the entire team. 

Relationships foster success.

Successful commercial projects are certainly about more than concrete and steel. Relationships are the real foundation upon which such projects are built. The general contractor should foster a desire to strengthen partnerships throughout the process. This means from groundbreaking to occupancy. A capable commercial construction company delivers the competent pros vital to success. A network of well-vetted subcontractors with qualified workers is essential. It’s the driving force behind every successful commercial project.

Importance of Due Diligence

You’ll always want to perform your due diligence before entering into a contractual relationship. You want a construction company capable of completing the kind of specialized work your project may require. The ideal company demonstrates the professionalism and competence you expect and deserve. Relevant expertise is essential when it is time to expedite construction schedules and manage costs. Quality construction that’s built to last is not a given. You need seasoned professionals with deep experience and a team attitude to advance a project to completion. 

With so many moving parts, it’s vital to maintain a focus on a singular goal – a project delivered on time and on budget. The day the doors swing open to employees, tenants and visitors, the success of the collaborative effort is on full display. 

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