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An Architect’s Guide to Choosing a New Jersey Construction Company

Today’s commercial architects marry aesthetics and functionality in energy-efficient, innovative designs. Not only must these architectural plans be state-of-the-art, but they also must account for every client’s priorities and follow a myriad of laws, codes, zoning rules and ADA regulations.  

An architect’s reputation is on the line when the time comes to choose a New Jersey construction company. It’s important to recommend capable contractors who are capable of delivering every technical and aesthetic component of the design. Sometimes, an architect recommends a specific contractor to the client. In other instances, the architect may submit a list of viable, qualified candidates. The owner/developer then solicits bids from the recommended firms. 

Qualities Architects Value

You’ll want to specify qualities that you are looking for in New Jersey construction companies. You need a construction company that is capable of both realizing your vision and satisfying the owner/developer.

Here are some qualities to look for when choosing a New Jersey construction company.


It’s tempting to believe everything will go well when a written contract binds the parties. However, there is no substitute for the trust that comes with working with a contractor that has a long-standing reputation for integrity. Honesty and transparency are the hallmarks of such a company.

Look for a New Jersey construction company that demonstrates integrity in the bidding process. Low-ball bids may lead to a flurry of changes and related cost overruns down the line. 


It’s only natural to seek out a New Jersey construction company with years of commercial experience. It’s ideal to work with a contractor with relevant experience. Commercial projects vary a great deal in type, scope and functionality. The construction of a medical center is one thing and building a retail center is another. Some of the most established construction companies have the expertise to build a wide range of structures and take on a variety of projects. 

Collaborative skills

The right New Jersey construction company collaborates well with a project’s many participants. These participants include the architect, engineer, sub-contractors, safety inspectors, building inspectors and others. The ultimate focus always remains the same; the goal is to realize the vision of the architect while completing the project on time and on budget.  

Timely performance

Yes, “on time and on budget” is always the goal. So, how do you find a construction management company that can deliver on that goal time after time? Due diligence includes a review of a contractor’s history of sticking to schedules and meeting budgets. It’s reasonable to infer that past performance is indicative of future success. When it comes to on-time performance, an architect should determine how critical timely delivery is to the client. For example, every day a hotel or medical facility fails to open may lead to an unacceptable loss. It is wise to select a New Jersey construction company with a reputation for timely performance.


Just as history can tell you a lot, so too can references. The right construction company for your project will be in a position to offer a number of relevant references. Look for companies with repeat clients. Also, look for those with a reputation for promptly addressing service issues, as these problems can often arise after completion, particularly on complex commercial projects.

Financial stability

A financially strong contractor-partner is essential. A company’s reputation for on-time payments to vendors and subcontractors is a key metric for determining financial stability and overall professionalism in the NJ construction industry. 


Membership in the U.S. Green Building Council is another standard to consider when selecting a New Jersey construction company. New Jersey’s electric rates are among the highest in the country. In fact, commercial and industrial rates rank in the top ten. Those rates drive interest in contractors with relevant knowledge. Sometimes the client’s corporate mission statement requires pursuit of LEED certification. In such instances, you want a firm with a LEED-accredited professional on staff. Businesses often see sustainability as integral to corporate branding.  

Architect Benefits

Architects and contractors have symbiotic, mutually dependent roles. In a best-case scenario, the contractor carries out the architect’s vision on time and on budget. Safety training and expertise across the trades are other vital traits. Everyone shares an inherent interest in the success of every commercial project. Key benefits accrue when working with an experienced New Jersey construction company. A motivated onsite contractor minimizes the resources the architect devotes to project implementation.

An effective contractor also demonstrates the foresight to minimize costly change orders. Excessive change orders are often the result of unrealistic bidding. Contractors with local knowledge of the NJ construction landscape avoid certain change orders. 

Naturally, an architect wants to be confident in the selected contractor. Certain change orders enhance the final quality of the project. When legitimate design changes occur, the contractor needs to be nimble enough to carry them out. Changes in price, schedule and market conditions may cause unavoidable change orders. 

For More Information

JRB Construction is a fully insured and bonded company based in northern New Jersey. JRB is a U.S. Green Building Council member with certified LEED project experience.

At JRB, “on time and on budget” is more than a catchphrase. It’s our mission. We are known for quality work, efficiency, speed and fair prices. We’ve built our reputation on more than four decades of meeting client expectations. We’d welcome the opportunity to earn your business. To arrange for an in-depth conversation about your project, contact us today.

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