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An Architect’s Guide to Choosing a New Jersey Construction Company

Today’s commercial architects marry aesthetics and functionality in energy-efficient, innovative designs. Not only must these architectural plans be state-of-the-art, but they also must account for every

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What Services do General Contractors Offer?

General contractors in the commercial construction industry provide a wide variety of services. These services include turnkey projects, new construction, interior fit-outs, site improvements and renovations.

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5 Things You Must Know Before Choosing a Commercial Construction Company

Commercial construction companies take on a wide variety of projects, including everything from shell buildings and tenant build-outs to new constructions and renovations. Common commercial construction

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How to Choose the Best Construction Consultant in NJ

A construction consultant in NJ wears many hats. For example, the project developer often asks the consultant to help conceptualize a project. Early stages of a project often include feasibility studies,

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Not All General Contractors in NJ are Created Equal – Get the Facts You Need to Know

Not all general contractors in NJ are created equal. Experience and areas of expertise can vary greatly, and so does the capacity to complete projects on time and on budget. In the search for the right

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Finding the Best Construction Management in NJ

The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) offers a thorough definition of construction management. It describes construction management as “a professional service that provides a project’s

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Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to our new site! We’re JRB Construction Management Co. Inc., a construction management and general construction firm located in northern New Jersey. Our guiding principles are our fair prices,