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Finding the Best Construction Management in NJ

The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) offers a thorough definition of construction management. It describes construction management as “a professional service that provides a project’s owner(s) with effective management of the project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function.” A commercial project features three primary entities: owner, designer and general contractor. The construction manager (CM) is tasked with the responsibility of promoting the owner’s interests. This includes maintaining the quality, function and scope of the project while completing it on time and on budget.

Value of Capable Construction Management

The pursuit of a qualified construction manager is certainly worthwhile. A study promoted by the CMAA Foundation speaks to this. It demonstrated that CMs can cut costs, promote problem resolution and deliver better results for the client.

Successful construction management demands effective real-time sharing of information among the stakeholders. It also requires capable use of an appropriate project management information system. Construction management requires specific knowledge in diverse disciplines, including everything from budgeting to scheduling, and from safety to risk management. 

The CM guides a project on a multi-faceted journey to a singular destination – the successful delivery of a completed project to the owner/developer. 

Much is at stake when you are looking for the best construction management in NJ. Substandard construction management may lead to a late opening or cost overruns. Timely occupation is crucial to owners and tenants alike.

Construction Management: Key Traits

What are some important qualities to look for in pursuit of the best construction management in NJ? Here are some to consider.

Familiarity with the different delivery methods

Commercial projects benefit from a CM’s skills regardless of the delivery method. A firm well-versed in all delivery methods is the key to success.

Project delivery methods include:

  • Design-Bid-Build (DBB)
  • Design-Build (DB)
  • Construction Management Multi-Prime (CM MP)
  • Construction Management-at-Risk (CM@Risk)

A commercial construction firm that’s taken on varied roles is more likely to adapt to the unique nature of your project. Look for a company that’s knowledgeable and well-equipped in the various delivery methods. It’s best if the firm knows what it’s like to take on the roles of the general contractor, construction manager and subcontractors. The personnel at such a company sees things from varied perspectives. 

Knowledge and experience

In general, commercial construction projects are more complex than ever. The CM must assume the position of the conductor of a large orchestra performing a complicated symphony. In such a setting, a firm grasp of commercial construction basics is essential. 

With all of the moving parts involved in a project and on site, scheduling expertise is essential. Deadlines are tight, systems are complicated and tolerances are unforgiving. The most competent CMs remain calm under pressure. It’s vital to expect the unexpected and to solve problems without delay. 

Knowledge and experience are important for other reasons. Adherence to pertinent building codes, OSHA requirements and zoning regulations are some examples of why these qualities are crucial. Mistakes borne of inexperience prove costly in terms of time, money and reputation.

Communication skills

You can also think of the CM as the glue that holds a project together. It facilitates direct contact with the developer/owner, general contractor and subcontractors. Communication is vital at every level. By contrast, miscommunication stymies progress. In a worst-case scenario, it can even bulldoze a project.

It’s ideal to seek out a construction management team truly willing to listen. Communication is a two-way street that promotes quality collaboration between stakeholders. It breeds trust on the part of the owner/developer and inspires confidence in the design team. All in all, it makes the subcontractors more effective in carrying out their responsibilities.

Dependable and reliable

Successful construction management necessitates leading by example. CMs should set a standard for dependability and reliability and work well with others to be creative problem solvers. It’s a tall order, which is why capable CMs are at a premium in the industry.

On-site managers must disseminate information quickly and effectively. It’s a classic case of the left hand knowing what the right hand is doing. On commercial construction projects, there are many hands involved. Everyone must work together in a harmonious, choreographed manner and the dependability of the right CM can help accomplish just that. 

Familiarity with all trades

It’s essential that CMs be familiar with all the trades. CMs need to know the unique requirements of the various specialty contractors onsite. To a degree, they all speak their own specialized languages. A strong level of understanding of all the trades and partnership between the CM and all specialty contractors is essential to project success. 

The CM must also have the knowledge necessary to evaluate the ongoing work of the subcontractors. When something goes awry, it’s important to assess the situation and act diligently and properly to mitigate delays or losses. 

Construction Management in NJ: Making a Decision

Once you’ve identified several good construction management firms, it’s time to interview them. Both style and substance are important. Your relationship with a CM will last for some time. It’s true that you’ll want a qualified candidate, but you’ll also want a CM whose style meshes with yours. 

Ask the tough questions. Don’t accept superficial answers. Consider every eventuality and dig deep. Last but not least, seek references relevant to the type of project you have. 

Regardless of a project’s size, stakeholder reputations are on the line. In this context, the role of construction managers cannot be overstated. Success in construction management is defined by solid results. Quality work, speed, efficiency and fair prices are key metrics in defining success.

For More Information

When you are seeking the best construction management in NJ, consider JRB. The “JRB Way” prides itself on an ongoing commitment to honesty, quality and efficiency. Every project, regardless of size, will be completed on time, on budget and in accordance with industry best practices. JRB takes on projects from inception or ones that are already underway. As your construction management company, we’ll do it right and we’ll do it the JRB Way. For prompt and professional help, please contact us today.

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