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Not All General Contractors in NJ are Created Equal – Get the Facts You Need to Know

Not all general contractors in NJ are created equal. Experience and areas of expertise can vary greatly, and so does the capacity to complete projects on time and on budget. In the search for the right general contractor in NJ, there’s a critical need to perform dedicated due diligence. That’s a given. Time, money and reputation are on the line when selecting a general contractor for your commercial project in New Jersey.

Key Considerations

The right general contractor for your project should demonstrate key attributes. The company you select should have up-to-date industry knowledge, relevant experience and informative portfolio and a reputation for fair pricing. 

Let’s take a look at the qualities you’ll want to look for in your quest for the right contractor. 

General contractors should be knowledgeable and efficient

Developers and owners often find that the ideal general contractor has decades of experience. At the same time, the best general contractor for the job is also one that embraces the latest advances and the newest technologies. The construction industry in the 21st century is often defined by innovation and the capacity to change. Design and management software is more advanced and efficient than ever. Breakthroughs in building materials allow for more aesthetic and energy-efficient designs. More companies seek LEED certification for their projects. Onsite solar is increasingly a cost-effective proposition. Net-zero buildings now appear. Indeed, the only thing constant is change.  

For many commercial projects, local New Jersey knowledge is a plus. Consider a contractor who already has solid relationships with key project contributors. Pre-established relationships with local subcontractors, specialty contractors and superintendents are ideal. These relationships foster a cooperative and collegial construction environment.  

General contractors in NJ should have quality references

General contractor references vary in quality and relevance. It is incumbent upon a developer/owner to look for contractors with ample references that are both recent and relevant. 

As you do your research, explore important topics like:

  • Construction quality
  • Ability to resolve challenges
  • Effectiveness in communication
  • Timeliness of project completion

One of the best ways to evaluate a reference is to ask whether the company in question would use the general contractor again. There’s no better endorsement than to hear that question answered in the affirmative.

The pricing should be fair

By definition, commercial construction projects are complex. Sometimes bids are unnecessarily so, and unfair pricing is the result. Therefore, look for a general contractor who delivers an unambiguous bid stated in clear language. Avoid the contractor who profits from confusing the issue.

When possible, ask the references whether they felt they received good value for what they paid. The owner of a completed project is in a good position to share an opinion regarding the value received.

Fair pricing often relates to whether there was competitive bidding or a negotiated contract. The terms of negotiated contracts vary. Terms include cost + fixed percentage, cost + fixed fee and cost + variable fee. A negotiated contract may be appropriate for a very complex project. It may also be ideal for projects that essentially duplicate previous structures. This is also an option when the project developer seeks out a given contractor’s unique qualities. Special expertise, integrity and a reputation for timely completion are examples of such qualities. 

Client satisfaction often depends on matching the right approach with the right project. 

General contractors should have a solid portfolio

Successful general contractors in NJ have solid portfolios. You’ll want to evaluate portfolios in terms of how well they speak to your unique needs. A contractor familiar with your type of project is ideal. Whether your project is a corporate facility, medical center or hotel, or even a retail center or multi-family housing, you’re looking for relevance as you consider competing portfolios. For example, if you seek LEED certification, look for expertise in sustainability and energy efficiency.

Well-defined Projects

It’s true. Not all general contractors are created equal. Then again, neither are commercial construction projects. When the time comes to choose a general contractor, you’ll want to define the nature and scope of your project with real specificity. An article in BizJournals puts it this way, “A well-defined plan sets the tone for success, whether it’s an office building, restaurant, hospital, retail, industrial or mixed-use space.”

Begin your search for a general contractor in NJ with a clear idea of what you need in terms of the:

  • Budget
  • Scheduling
  • Level of service
  • Scope of work
  • Quality level

Defining project parameters requires laser-focused precision. What emphases will yield the results you are looking for? For example, what level of service do you need? Is the emphasis on cost savings or time savings, or both? Is the scope of the project extensive and/or complex? In turn, these parameters will be imperative in your quest for an appropriate general contractor.

For Additional Information

Consider JRB when you need an experienced and qualified general contractor for your New Jersey project. JRB combines a 40-year legacy with a progressive, forward-looking approach. The “JRB Way” is defined by an ongoing commitment to honesty, quality and efficiency. These traits form a solid foundation for every construction project, regardless of size. Our goal is straight forward: to complete every project on time, on budget and to our high standards.

We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss our qualifications with you. For a thorough and professional discussion of your project requirements and all that we can offer, please contact us today.

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