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How to Choose the Best Construction Consultant in NJ

A construction consultant in NJ wears many hats. For example, the project developer often asks the consultant to help conceptualize a project. Early stages of a project often include feasibility studies, cost estimates and budget analysis. Next, it’s time to select contractors and to set a schedule. 

As the project proceeds, the consultant oversees construction implementation. It monitors the project to ensure code and zoning compliance. The developer often looks to the construction consultant to oversee closeout procedures as well.

Add a layer of insight and professional abilities to your project by hiring a construction consultant in NJ.

Choosing the Best Construction Consultant in NJ

The key is to choose the best available consultant for your commercial project. The right construction consultant delivers the expertise and objectivity of third party monitoring. The consultant sets team expectations and creates clear lines of communication. 

The consultant sees to it that the synergistic talents of the architect, engineer, general contractor add value. The consultant promotes the pursuit of a project completed on time, on budget and to high standards. 

Here are some important traits to seek when you select a construction consultant:

Years of relevant commercial experience

A capable construction consulting firm brings prodigious knowledge and experience to the table. Look for a firm with many years of commercial construction experience. It is ideal when your construction consultant also brings highly relevant experience to your project. 

Owners/developers find that a consultant’s knowledge of similar projects is most helpful. For example, if LEED certification is a goal, you’ll want to work with a firm with LEED expertise. 

Sincerely invested in every project’s success

The consultant ensures that all parties remain committed to the success of every project, from start to finish. Project owners, developers and lenders all look to construction consultants to help deliver projects on time and on budget. When it comes to such projects, there are no playing favorites. 

Every project requires focus and devotion by all parties involved. A construction consultant in NJ coordinates, analyzes and oversees a myriad of project elements in ways that unify rather than divide. 

There’s no holding back when it comes to communication. From the start, the construction consultant’s communication style should be transparent. That means candor and openness at every juncture. An owner/developer and other stakeholders deserve nothing less. 

At the same time, a construction consultant should foster a personalized approach. It’s indeed possible to promote personal relationships while still addressing problems within a project. This style of communication inspires a cooperative team attitude.  

Construction consulting that pays for itself

The right consultant delivers valued engineering that will optimize your project. What became known as value analysis during WWII is now called value engineering. In simple terms, it’s a creative, organized effort that seeks the best value at the lowest cost. Disciplined procedures deliver value during construction, and for the long-term. Choose a construction consultant skilled in value engineering for optimal results.

Ultimately, the right professional consulting firm pays for itself in time and cost savings, or at the very least, it delivers an excellent value proposition. This allows an owner/developer to save time and cut costs. Stakeholders avoid the land mines that can derail even the most high-profile projects. Construction oversights and errors get expensive. Marshaling diverse human and material resources is quite a task. Needless to say, dealing with things that go wrong is time-consuming. A capable consultant proactively avoids missteps that either could blow up a project or could cause delays and cost overruns. When something goes awry, the construction consultant’s expertise mitigates losses. 

Reputable and relevant references

Look for consultants with references, reviews and referrals from solid, reputable sources. It’s not enough to provide a prospective client with a long list of references of limited relevance, so pay attention to relevance vis-a-vis project type and location. The right construction consultant will volunteer references relevant to your specific commercial project. Local expertise is invaluable as it provides an edge when it comes to New Jersey codes and zoning requirements and updates. 

The reputation of a construction consultant is important and so is the size of the firm. On the one hand, bigger is not always better. On the other hand, you want the confidence that comes with working with a firm with sufficient resources to ensure your project’s success. The right firm will have the information required to process voluminous project data. At the end of the day, it’s about finding a firm that’s the right match and the right size for your project. Previous projects will offer evidence of how the construction consultant contributed to their success.

When a project developer chooses professional consulting, many benefits accrue. Stakeholders and contractors benefit from the input of a construction consultant. For example, the firm can mediate issues between the developer and the general contractor. Both parties can find it useful to have construction progress evaluated by a knowledgeable and professional entity. 

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